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Build vs. Buy

Building a strip boat can be an incredibly satisfying experience. The skills required to build a strip boat can be learned by most people. There are many resources available to help the novice boat builder, and many proven boat plans available from designers. Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks is one of these designers. He has an excellent how to book on the topic.

If you are thinking about building, you should consider that this will be a fair sized project. Your second boat will take you about 150 hours. The first one will be longer. The amount of time will vary depending on the amount of detail you will be putting into the boat, and the amount of continuous work time you have available. You will need dedicated shop space for the length of the project. Your second boat will be better than your first boat. Your third boat will be better than your second boat… The intent is not to dissuade you from taking on a project like this, but to make sure they are going to go into it with their eyes open. If you want a ready to paddle strip boat we have them at Blue Otter Kayaks.