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Standard Features

A Blue Otter Kayaks boat comes with the following standard features:

Weight. The hull weight of most models is under 35 pounds. Boats for rugged applications will be more depending on requirements. Total boat weight may vary slightly depending on fittings.

Foot braces. Light weight Yakima foot-braces. These rugged foot-braces are made of aluminum, are easy to adjust and are arguably one of the better braces available.

Seats. Premium fabric covered removable foam seats made by Nimbus.

Floatation. Models with hatches have front and rear compartments sealed with closed cell foam bulkheads. Closed cell foam is used instead of wood as it helps absorb any accidental sharp impacts on the hull. Models without hatches use closed cell foam in the ends for floatation.

Hatches.  Flush fit deck hatches. Deck hatches are flush fit to maximize the aesthetics of the hull lines. They are held in place with shock cord. Shock cord is an item readily available should it need to be replaced.