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Night Heron

Night Heron 
Guillemot 'S' 
Little Auk 
Auk 14 




Length                                                18.0 feet                          5.5 meters

Beam                                                 20.0 inches                     50.8 cm

Waterline Length                              16.1 feet                          4.9 meters

Waterline Beam                               19.6 inches                     49.8 cm

Design Displacement                      251.0 lbs                        113.9 kg

Wetted Area                                      21.4 sq ft                        2.0 sq m

Volume                                              12.7 cu ft                         359.7 litres


The Night Heron has a hard chined hull with a fair amount of volume in its convex shaped ends. At 20 inches is fairly narrow and gets its initial stability from a flat hull design. It has good cruising speed and carved turns can be initiated with a slight lean. This boat has no trouble in rough water and its flat bottom makes it a good surfer. It has a low rear deck to facilitate easy rolling.