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Little Auk

Night Heron 
Guillemot 'S' 
Little Auk 
Auk 14 




Length                                        10.0/11.0 feet                       3/3.4 meters

Beam                                          28.0 inches                          71.1 cm

Waterline Length                       9.5/10.5 feet                         2.9/3.2 meters

Waterline Beam                         26.3 inches                          66.8 cm

Design Displacement               190/210 lbs                          86.2/95.3 kg

Wetted Area                              16.7 sq ft                              1.6 sq m

Volume                                       11/12.6 cu ft                         325.7/356.8 litres



The Little Auk is an easy to paddle kayak with great stability. Its compact size makes it an ideal tender for yachts and larger vessels. This boat is built with an oversized cockpit to allow easy access for the novice paddler or room for the family pet. It is great for paddling around anchorages, exploring small bays and getting into areas inaccessible to other boats. It is available in two sizes to accommodate restricted storage space.