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Night Heron 
Guillemot 'S' 
Little Auk 
Auk 14 




Length                                         17.0 feet                     5.2 meters

Beam                                          21.0 inches                53.3cm

Waterline Length                       14.7 feet                     4.5 meters

Waterline Beam                        20.7 inches                52.6 cm

Design Displacement               214 lbs                       97.1 kg

Wetted Area                              19.5 sq ft                    1.8 sq m

Volume                                       12.4 cu ft                    351.2 litres



The Guillemot has been designed as an all round boat that performs well in a variety of conditions. The hull has a moderate amount of rocker with a flat bottom with moderately hard chines. This gives the boat its nimbleness, through a variety of conditions. Beginners may find this boat difficult to paddle in a straight line, but with a practiced stroke it tracks well. The moderately hard chines facility edging and its low deck lines prevent the boat from being blown around in the wind. The concaves front and back give this boat a ‘classic’ elegant look.