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Guillemot S

Night Heron 
Guillemot 'S' 
Little Auk 
Auk 14 




Length                                        16.0 feet                                4.9 meters

Beam                                          20.0 inches                          50.8 cm

Waterline Length                       13.8 feet                                4.2 meters

Waterline Beam                         20.1 inches                          51.1 cm

Design Displacement               177 lbs                                  80.3 kg

Wetted Area                              17.7 sq ft                               1.6 sq m

Volume                                       10.2 cu ft                               288.9 litres



This is version of the Guillemot has been scaled down for smaller paddlers. Its a great boat for paddlers up to 150 pounds. Its smaller size also means less weight and this boat is typically built to be under 32 pounds making it a favorite among women. Like the Guillemot, this boat is designed for versatility in a variety of conditions. It is nimble, turning easily in rough water, accelerates well, and its flat bottom is great for surfing waves.