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Night Heron 
Guillemot 'S' 
Little Auk 
Auk 14 



Length                                                  19.0 feet                         5.8 meters

Beam                                                    21.0 inches                   53.3 cm

Waterline Length                                 16.7 feet                        5.1 meters

Waterline Beam                                  20.7 inches                    52.6 cm

Design Displacement                         249 lbs                          112.9 kg

Wetted Area                                        22.2 sq ft                       2.1 sq m

Volume                                                 13.6 cu ft                       385.2 litres



The Expedition is a variation of the versatile Guillemot design. It is the largest of the Blue Otter Kayaks range. In the words of the designer, “This boat does not paddle like a 19 foot boat”. It has beautiful classic concave hull sections with a moderate chine. We have included it as a light touring boat as it has a bit more room for gear and will accommodate larger paddlers but is still not so large that it requires a trailer and hitch! This boat is suited to longer trips and can cross those open bodies of water without getting blown apart by the elements.