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Auk 14

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Length                                        14.0 feet                                4.3 meters

Beam                                          24.5 inches                          62.2 cm

Waterline Length                       13.8 feet                                4.2 meters

Waterline Beam                         23.5 inches                          59.7 cm

Design Displacement               251 lbs                                  113.9 kg

Wetted Area                              19.8 sq ft                               1.8 sq m

Volume                                       12.4 cu ft                               351.2 litres



The 14' Auk is an easy to paddle kayak with a moderate length waterline. It has the same friendly charactersitics as the Little Auk, in that it has relatively good stability for the novice paddler. While its increased length gives improved tracking for paddling longer distances, the increased volume can accommodate a larger paddler. A great boat for exploring lakes and harbours. Although shorter than pure dayboats, it is long enough to handle moderate wind and waves.